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A term used in place of "intensity".

Pipe clamp

Colour Changer
An apparatus that attaches to a luminaire and allows one to remotely introduce one or more colour frames into the beam.

Colour Correction
Adjusting the colour temperatures of various luminaire's so that they are all the same, or to make them match existing light sources.

Colour Filter
Any coloured transparent material that can be placed in front of a beam to colour the light.

Colour Frame
An apparatus used to hold colour filters.

Colour Temperature
A factor given for lamps, comparing their colour to that of a "blackbody" at a given temperature.

Control Board
A remote device used to control dimmers/moving lights etc.

Control Cable
A cable used to transmit digital or analog signals from a control console to the apparatus to be controlled.

Crank-Up Stand
A stand that is raised and lowered with the aid of a rotatable handle and gear mechanism.

Cross Bar
A bar mounted horizontally on top of a stand.

To fade from one scene to another.

Cross Fader
A control for fading from one preset scene to another. Cue A change in lighting.

Short for "Cyclorama". A drop used to create the illusion of infinite space.


Daisy Chain
When electrical equipment is wired from one unit to the next.

Dark Adaptation
The process of the eye adapting to changes from light to dark.

A type of metallic coating applied to glass and some other materials that allows certain wavelengths of light, or other electro magnetic radiation, to pass while reflecting all others.

Diffusion Material
Any reflecting or transmitting media for which the reflected or transmitted light is distributed uniformly.

Digital Multiplex (DMX)
A system that simultaneously transmits more than one digital signal.

To lower the amount of voltage to a fixture, thereby decreasing its light output.

A device used to control how much voltage is supplied to a lighting fixture.

Dipless Cross Fade
A cross fade whose transition from one setting to another is completely smooth and even.

DMX 512
A unique digital multiplex signal with specific characteristics that is used in the stage and studio lighting industry.

The area on stage that is closest to the audience.

Mechanical Dimming.

Drop Box
A plug box that can be dropped where power is needed.

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