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An event or a moment intended to create a particular emotional reaction.

Effect Lighting
Lighting intended to create a mood or an impression.

Effect Wash
Effect Lighting covering a broad area.

A luminaire embodying a lamp, an ellipsoidal reflector, a framing device, and a single or compound lens system, together with provisions for accommodating a pattern holder and patterns.


To gradually increase or decrease the intensity of light. Far Cyc A cyclorama light placed at a distance from the cyclorama generally 8' or more.

Fay Light
A luminaire that uses incandescent parabolic reflector lamps with a dichroic coating to provide "daylight" illumination.

Feeder Cables
A set of electric cables, usually individually insulated conductors with a high ampacity, used to remotely connect portable racks, power distribution racks etc.

Field Angle
The angle a which the beam edges are 10% of the centre beam candlepower.

Fill Light
Supplementary illumination used to reduce shadows. First Electric The electrics pipe and/or its position, which is located immediately upstage of the proscenium arch.

A lighting unit, or luminaire.

To wave an object or a hand in front of an instrument to determine its coverage area.

To adjust a luminaire usually by moving the lamp closer to the lens; enlarging the diameter of the beam of light emitted.

A luminaire consisting of only a lamp and reflector with fixed spacing; generally, the reflector has a diffused finish and is often physically large in size. The widest field of illumination from a luminaire.

Floor Pocket
A wiring device with receptacles recessed into to the floor with a hinged cover.

A measure of the amount of light. The unit is often the Lumen.

To aim a lighting fixture, or to adjust a fixture's beam.

Focusing Instrument
A lighting instrument whose beam size can be varied.

Follow Spot
A lighting instrument used to follow a performer on stage.

A unit of illumination. 1 footcandle = 1lumen/ft2.

A lighting instrument using a fresnel lens. (softedge beam).

Fresnel Lens
A lens that acts similarly to a piano-convex lens but is thinner and lighter due to steps on the convex side. Often the flat side has a rough surface to smooth light beams by slightly diffusing the light.

Fresnel Spotlight
A luminaire embodying a lamp and a fresnel lens, with or without the reflector, which has a soft beam edge. The field and beam angles can be varied by changing the spacing between the lamp and lens.

The complete area of the theatre in front of the stage.

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