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Open Circuit
A circuit that has a physical break or disconnection.

Sturdy support legs that assist in stabilizing stand and lifts.


Parabolic Aluminized Reflector, a lamp or lighting unit.

Tying a circuit into a dimmer or a dimmer into a control channel.

Pin Spot
A fixture providing a narrow beam of light.

Power Distribution
A term used to describe electrical equipment that is specially designed to intake electricity and route it to output wiring device or devices.

Pre-Rigged Truss
A truss section, usually provided with wheels, that has lamp bars installed.

To have something on a control console set up in advance of need.

Primary Colours
Colours from which all other colours may be evolved by mixtures. In light, the primary colours are red, green, and blue.

Profile Spotlight
Any spotlight, usually an ellipsoidal spotlight, that has framing shutters.

Punch Light
A high intensity luminaire that floods an area with light.


Rain Light
A pinspot using a low voltage, narrow beam lamp.

Ray Light Reflector
A retrofit reflector and lamp socket assembly, creates a narrow, almost cylindrical shaped beam.

A complete structural assembly for hanging or supporting fixtures, scenery, and/or other production equipment.


Safety Cable (Chain)
A steel cable that has a clip on one end and a loop on the other. Used to secure fixtures to battens or truss.

A colour containing a high percentage of colour is considered "saturated".

A shorthand version of Scene Preset or Look.

A flood light using a large scoop-shaped reflector.

A thin, gauze-like curtain. When illuminated from the front it appears opaque, and when illuminated from behind it but not on it, the scrim becomes almost transparent.

Shin Buster
A fixture placed as close to the stage floor as possible.

A pipe and C-clamp arrangement used to hang a fixture.

Sliding Tree
A coupling used to hang a lighting fixture from 1/2" pipe.

A strong flexible, webbed belt or steel cable in the shape of a loop.

Soft Edge
A beam pattern edge that is not very distinguishable.

Soft Patch
Plugging dimmers into control channels electronically.

A fixture used for one specific object or effect.

Stage Left
The actor's left as he faces the audience.

Stage Right
The actor's right as he faces the audience.

A luminaire with a number of lamps arranged in a line. Often each lamp is in an individual compartment. There may be a reflector behind the lamp and/or colour media in front of the lamp. Striplights are normally wired in three or four circuits.

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